A Good Match Photo Challenge

Companions for Life

Companions for Life

Dayo, a male Rhodesian Ridgeback, is suited to a  unique friendship with a cheetah because the two species have similar lifespans (13-15 years) and grow to a similar size.  It gives one much to ponder in our own relationships of what we think a good match is…

Witch’s Butter


Dacrymyces chrysospermus.  Edible rubbery treat found on a hardwood tree in Southern Oregon: Deadline Falls Trail.

Being Little


I explored new worlds today and found a little tree.  It was all about the discovery.


Purple Tulip


He gave me purple tulips

the other day to recognize

my accomplishments.

He gave me little drops of sunshine on a winter’s day.

Got Light?

While he was looking for milk I saw the light.

Work with the light you have; everyday photography.

Color in Winter


Amongst the thorns of winter Color abides.  


Blurry Thoughts


When my thoughts are blurry in the background

You remind me of what is right in front of me: the present.

That is a good focal point. 


Muted Stars Glow

Your words are so true to nature. Thank you.

The Bison in the Woods


Muted stars glow
through winter’s fog
While one cold lonely hawk
conserves his strength
and ponders
his next meal

Photography is by the very talented and beautiful Terri Martin at  Please visit her site as she is a wonderful nature and wildlife photographer.
Words by The Bison in the Woods

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The way in is the way out


Sometimes you have to pull over before you continue and really get a sense of the invitation.

Along the Avenue of the Giants (December 2016)

Shadow Memory


The brightest light creates the most distinct shadows.
The best thing about an adventure is
not knowing what we will find.
We just open ourselves up
as we set out for a while.
The beauty is always there
to free our heart, soul and mind.
And take in the beauty
that comes with each mile.


Color Your World Chestnut – Photo Challenge


Sage, a rescued wild mustang, is my entry for the World of Color Photo Challenge.  1/3/17 Chestnut



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