Hovering Male Osprey

ospreys are the only raptors, which can hover over a fixed point during flight.   A storm had passed through the day before  making the water too turbid for any fishing.    This beautiful raptor shows his incredible symmetry while hovering.

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The Way Home

I count the tables, she counts the trees
I tell stories, she speaks of everything she sees
I’m in the shade, she’s in the blinding light of heaven

A fire raised by paper boats
But now she stands before me opening the buttons of her coat
I find myself wrapped in open arms of heaven

She’s giving me everything she owns

I hear his work, these idle hands
I turn my back, while she’s done everything she can
I’ve lied awake eaten by the poverty of anger

She’s giving me directions home
I don’t see a thing
Except this gentle glow of haloes

He told me of the grace I lack
He clipped my wings but now my strength is coming back
I lay my case before the open heart of heaven

She’s giving me everything she owns
I don’t see a thing
Except this gentle glow of haloes

David Sylvian

Poetic Sighs

You are a little

Tender flower

Your petals 

May have fallen

Yet you have

Stood strong

But still delicate

And beautiful

in the pouring rain

And the gales

Of your stormy life

photo and poetry collaboration with blondegirlphotographer and dstudioarts

The Safe Shot

I am challenged to step out from behind the make believe blind.   Excited to see where this leads my photography.

Creative Homework in Photography

A very windy/stormy day here in Oregon.   This is my vision of bringing the windy day inside the studio.  The storm is softened through the eyes of my lens.

Dark and refreshing with a silver lining blowing in the wind.

Wigeon Power Couple


This is a story of watching the watchers. 

In the misty morning

In the quietness of the cold-

we watched

a pair so bold.

The composition has a touch of voyeurism in the layering – which saved it from deletion.   It was so cold this pair of American Wigeons had frost covering them.

“Entre Nous”

Lyrics by RUSH

We are islands to each other
Building hopeful bridges
On a troubled sea
Some are burned or swept away
Some we would not choose
But we’re not always free

Writer(s): Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson

Sea Planets

Natural Science by Rush

When the ebbing tide retreats
Along the rocky shoreline
It leaves a trail of tidal pools
In a short-lived galaxy
Each microcosmic planet
A complete society

Eagle at Distance

Catch the mist, catch the myth
Catch the mystery, catch the drift

The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide

Comfort in My Journey

2018 is about not being a casual observer in my photography.   My role of detective involves looking at the scene and finding relationships.    I am comfortable sharing the process while I look for objects in the scene: line, tone, color, and presenting the boldness of emotion that I felt as I experienced the scene.

This is my journey.