Lower Soda Falls


No, there is no water fall photo in this post.  They are difficult to capture during this time of day.    So I did what I do.   I found the surrounding magic.  The falls are just to my left and I can hear the water.   Later in the year it will be running through this creek.

This day I was able to go down into the secret world that will be underwater soon.

Time does not follow me here.



Her Warmth

There is a sweet pain in longing if we will let it  draw our hearts home.

Even when you wait in the shadows; that soft light warms your face.

When an angel kisses your heart

the glow is ever-lasting.


Our Stories

Not wanting to let this place go.  It was our last morning in Trinidad California.

I develop a bond with the places that we travel too.

Through our exploring

The emotions

The magic

My vacation photo isn’t about an epic image – it’s about us:

our story.



Cascadia Park

My father and I stopped for breakfast before we arrived and the sun had already broke through the clouds.  The blue sky gave me a deep background for this image.

Shot with my new Tokina Wide Angle lens.  I would recommend this brand to anyone.  I really like it.  Cascadia Park, Oregon.  

Owls on a String

Like Owls on a String they flewI have been experimenting with a small light box this week.  The project was titled Making Fine Art.   My personality is showing in my creations.   I am more about fun than Fine Art.   I have added this to the album of “eyes of the world”.

The Cleaner


The Cleaner

I used two curve layers in Photoshop to achieve the dark and light sides.    The initial black and white conversion was done with a gradient layer.    It still does not quite look finished to me.  Looking for suggestions for the final touches to take it to the next level.



Hovering Male Osprey

ospreys are the only raptors, which can hover over a fixed point during flight.   A storm had passed through the day before  making the water too turbid for any fishing.    This beautiful raptor shows his incredible symmetry while hovering.

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The Way Home

I count the tables, she counts the trees
I tell stories, she speaks of everything she sees
I’m in the shade, she’s in the blinding light of heaven

A fire raised by paper boats
But now she stands before me opening the buttons of her coat
I find myself wrapped in open arms of heaven

She’s giving me everything she owns

I hear his work, these idle hands
I turn my back, while she’s done everything she can
I’ve lied awake eaten by the poverty of anger

She’s giving me directions home
I don’t see a thing
Except this gentle glow of haloes

He told me of the grace I lack
He clipped my wings but now my strength is coming back
I lay my case before the open heart of heaven

She’s giving me everything she owns
I don’t see a thing
Except this gentle glow of haloes

David Sylvian

Poetic Sighs

You are a little

Tender flower

Your petals 

May have fallen

Yet you have

Stood strong

But still delicate

And beautiful

in the pouring rain

And the gales

Of your stormy life

photo and poetry collaboration with blondegirlphotographer and dstudioarts