Abandoned House


It was 1910 when Maud Hays, at the age of 18,  was married in her childhood house.   She wed Wallace Truax.    It must have been a wonderful day.   Wallace and Maud were very successful on their own little farm.   Wallace was paid $6 for his lambs and over $40 for seed clover.    Their name went on to become a Geographic Place Name: Truax Island located northeast of Corvallis, Oregon.

But what of the L shaped house?   The house, built around 1860,  does not have much documented history.    It has two interior brick chimneys and a west wing.   Many windows have no glass, front door is off its hinges, but it appears to still have all of its original materials- as though no one lived there after the original owner,  Z.G. Hays,  left.

and I am left with so many questions



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