Hope without the E

I found a  rumor of secret tunnels

You said, ” be ready; I am on my way.

We drove on a sunny afternoon



Tree Skirt

The sun caught my eye

as it shown through the space just above her knee.

I saw her sitting in a tree.

I did not ask why.

Temporary: Daily Post Photo Challenge

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While you are wisping in the sunlight -I am watching.

I change with the seasons

I am the forever tree Rooted deep with no where to go

You are temporary.


Moon then Coffee

You called her from outside my bedroom window like the man she always imagined from the movie Say Anything  

She stood on her porch in the cold dark morning in her bathrobe.

It was the willingness this time

not the resulting photograph

The moon set  fast and left her with only one image.

We don’t always get the shot but we always have the experience.

Sunday’s Flower Secret

Growing together their Roots entwined; one always has the other’s back. As summer fades one will soak up more light from the other that shines more bright.


October Light

Harvesting brightness in October…The October sun sets quickly yet it’s strength brightens and sets things aglow even in the day’s light.

Dancing Wedding Dress

She was a dainty creature

although some say she looked headless

but no one found it grotesque.

She wore a dancing wedding dress.

And quite possibly red shoes.




The Creeper

He did not make a noise.  He just stood there waiting for her to sense him.  He had all night…

The Singing Bully

The new pumpkins were either being bullied or sang too.

Carolina Dog’s Sunset

It is a Carolina Dog’s Life: watching sunsets

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