Never Bored with a Board

Black and White version of my Chinese Checkers work on Sunday.  Really like the lines and light effect


White Tail

and we met

A Good Match Photo Challenge

Companions for Life

Companions for Life

Dayo, a male Rhodesian Ridgeback, is suited to a  unique friendship with a cheetah because the two species have similar lifespans (13-15 years) and grow to a similar size.  It gives one much to ponder in our own relationships of what we think a good match is…

Witch’s Butter


Dacrymyces chrysospermus.  Edible rubbery treat found on a hardwood tree in Southern Oregon: Deadline Falls Trail.

Being Little


I explored new worlds today and found a little tree.  It was all about the discovery.


Purple Tulip


He gave me purple tulips

the other day to recognize

my accomplishments.

He gave me little drops of sunshine on a winter’s day.

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